VOV Trumps VOAToday

by | Sep 26, 2013 | VO Community


When John Florian announced September as the launch of VoiceOver Virtual, I knew VOAToday was doomed.

No one has asked, and I’m not pouting…but after three straight years of September appearances, VOAT (Voice Over Appreciation Today) became  a now-show in 2013.

Vestiges of my community-building idea can be found strewn across the internet time/space continuum.  In its first year as “National Voice Over Month”, scores of people participated by linking to the NVOAM homepage with their logo.  The website is still there.  (BTW, the idea of VoiceOvers needing a “national month” was both derided and hailed when first launched).

In the years betwixt, I went with the cutesy VOAToday concept, and in 2011 and ’12 responses were enthusiastic.  If you’ll remember, I posted a question each week… threaded the answers, and 3 winners were randomly chosen each week.  Prizes were pretty meaty, I thought.  People seemed to enjoy participating.

I still own the VOAToday domain name, but the WordPress site — with all that content — has been taken down as I strive to revamp my web presence.

Perhaps nothing was more gratifying to me, however, than the collaborative PSA’s I edited from voice actors’ contributions back in 2010.  They’re still timely, and they’re still enjoyable.  I’ve listed them below.  Feel free to repurpose them however you wish.  Take a listen… maybe you’ll hear YOUR voice in there somewhere!


Voice Over PSA 30-sec compilation spot by CourVO

Voice Over PSA 30-sec dialogue spot by CourVO

Voice-Over PSA – :60 Compilation of Voices by CourVO



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