Celebrate Labor Day

by | Sep 2, 2012 | VO Business

My job does not involve digging ditches, but I’m still grateful I HAVE a job…and….I’m grateful for those who DO have to dig ditches.

I actually have two jobs…which makes me doubly grateful.  One is the traditional work-for-a-company job, and the other is a company I’ve created on my own.

It’s that freelance job I’m celebrating today with a little thing I call VOAToday.  VOICE OVER AWARENESS TODAY.

You’ve seen me talk about it for a couple of weeks, and today is the perfect day to launch in honor of all the working stiffs in VoiceOver land.  Sure, we joke about being paid for “talking” in our pajamas, but we all know there’s a darn sight more in this business that can drive you crazy, and I don’t care what you say…it IS work!

VOAToday asks you to help answer a different question each week in the month of  Septembere.  The collective responses creates a wonderful online feedback resource for everyone, and there are generous prizes just for participating!

Please stop on over to http://www.VOAToday.com each week this month, and celebrate the work of Voice Acting!




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