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by | Aug 21, 2012 | VO Business

Over a week ago, I put it out there:  Anybody interested in a reprise of the VOAToday September promotion?  The response was a big thumbs-up!

VOAToday is strictly my construct.  It stands for Voice Over Awareness Today…and was kind of a next-gen National-Voice-Over-Appreciation-Month derivative.

Last year, I put up a website and encouraged people to interact there.  I posted a voice over question each week for four weeks, asking people to respond and build a pool of shared information.  Merely responding automatically put the person’s name in a random drawing for a weekly prize.   The response was tremendous…over four weeks hundreds and hundreds of participants shared their collective wisdom.

Well…we’re doing it again.  This year, four new questions, and a prize package that is over-the-top bigger and better than last year!  Last year’s sponsors are back again, and couple of new backers are contributing some tasty prizes.  I’m not going to let the cat out of the bag yet, but here’s a partial list of Voice Over sponsors so far:
Edge Studio
Harlan Hogan’s Voice Over Essentials Store
Dallas Voice-Over Meet-up Group
World-Voices Organization

(and I’m still working on more) Each week will see 1st, 2nd, and likely 3rd-place prizes…drawn randomly from the respondents.

Think of VOAToday as a sort of pick-me-up to bring you out of the Summer doldrums, and preparing some of you for a fabulous FaffCon and the rest of you for a killer fourth quarter of business.

VOAToday 2012 kicks off Labor Day, Monday, September 3rd.

Watch here for more announcements as we get closer.





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