Do You Want a Job, or a Career?

by | Aug 24, 2012 | Ruminations

That’s a fine distinction, but much like a mission statement, or a business plan, once you’ve decided the career v. job conundrum – and commit to it — everything flows from it.

There is no right answer…and the two are not necessarily mutually exclusive, although while a job can be part of a career…a career cannot be diminished to just a job.

Once you’ve decided you want a voice over career, then certain jobs are not aligned with that decision.  You start to see beyond hand-to-mouth, paycheck-to-paycheck.

Maybe a little word comparison will help.  See the chart below:

The Jobster

The Career-Meister





looks ahead

looks beyond



seeks money

seeks goals


takes risks

short term

long term

what you do

who you are

has a skill

has a profession



There are tangential issues here, too.

Having a career does not necessarily mean you need to be in a union, or have (an) agent(s).

Seeking jobs does not mean being a pauper or accepting any work at any rate.

Sometimes you might take a job for reasons that don’t meet your career goals….but it’s hard to say a certain series of jobs constitutes a career.

Again, no write or wrong answer.  What are your needs?  How does VO fit into your larger (life and family) plans?

Regardless, there’s a pay-off to taking a hard look at this issue, deciding, and committing.  Then you can set your compass, pick a course, and  be more efficient.

So, what’ll it be?  Job or Career?




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