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Interested in Pinterest?…you’re not alone.

Pinterest is 3rd in Social Media usage only after FaceBook and Twitter.  Its growth factor supersedes both those social networks when THEY were hot.  And if you’re like most people and you’re confused by Twitter, and for some inane reason eschew LinkedIn (my fave), then there’s Pinterest.

People describe it as addictive.  Women especially are enamored of this site, and the population of Pinterest is overwhelmingly female.  My wife is a non-technofile.  I keep having to explain to her how to attach a photo to an email…but she’s glued to Pinterest.


Pinterest is engaging for all the reasons you like social media in other forms.
1) You follow people, they follow you.
2) Your posts are seen by others, and commented on by others and vice-versa,
3) You can re-pin stuff you like as you would retweet.
4) You can create groups or “boards” to categorize your interests.
5) Posting (pinning) stuff is easy-peasy with the bookmarklet.

That’s all great, Dave, but how can I leverage the strengths of Pinterest for my VO business?

I’ve been wrestling with this one too.  First, though, let’s lay out some basic reminders about your presence on social networks in general:
1)  Your presence on any network heightens your online profile in general (some would call it SEO, but it’s really SEM, search engine MARKETING).
2)  A social network profile — when filled out in full — extends your brand on popular sites where it will be seen.
3)  Interaction between sites…configured correctly (not overdone), exponentially grows your presence online.  This is becoming more and more possible with links to the top social network sites on virtually everywhere you go on the web.

Matching Pinterest strengths to the above three points, let your creative marketing juices flow:
1)  Pin links to your brand, your logo, your website, or recent work.
2)  Use your logo or branding materials to flesh-out your profile to its fullest.
3)  Got videos you’ve narrated?  Post a pic with the link.
4)  Just narrated an audiobook?  With the publisher’s permission, post a pic of the cover, and a link to the publisher.  This is especially valuable if you’re promoting a royalty-share book.
5)  Any visual materials at all…including pics from, say, VOICE2012 or FaffCon are fair game, and include a link to your demo site.
6) Comment on any pins where you can contribute advice of a VO sort.

There are innumerable sites offering Pinterest insights.  Here are a few:

Is Pinterest the Right Place for My Business?

8 Strategies for Launching a Brand Presence on Pinterest

Pinterest:  Everything you need to know

4 Ways to Make Pinterest Work for Your Business

HubSpot Downloadable .pdf E-Book: How to Use Pinterest for Business




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    • CourVO

      Dave, you make my day any time you stop by for a visit and a comment. ‘Glad this stuff was of some use to you.


      Dave Courvoisier

  1. Lisa Rice

    Great post, Dave!

    When I first signed up for Pinterest I wasn’t sure how well it would mesh with voice over as our business is a service. It didn’t take long, however, to begin my pinning journey. One of the first actions I took was to get rid of the countless bookmarks accumulated over the years pertaining to interesting articles applicable to my business.

    Now, they’re organized and easily accessible along with other boards full of many pins suggested here. Pinterest allows voice over talents a way to organize, showcase and explain our audio business in a visual format.


    • CourVO


      ALWAYS good to get a visit from you! That is a great observation…are you OCD like me?…’cause bookmarks-to-Pinterest-Categories sounds like a perfect way to organize online resources. Another reason to love Pinterest.


      Dave Courvoisier

  2. Ashley Davidson

    Wonderful information Dave!

    Voices.com is currently using Pinterest to highlight our blog, Vox Daily. If you have a blog as a voiceover artist, then it could be worthwhile to start using Pinterest.

    Since Pinterest is visually driven, the images you choose for your blog are very important for the popularity of your pin. The more interesting your image, the stronger your pin will be.

    Tip: It’s best to utilize as many categories within Pinterest to reach more viewers to your Pinboards and boost your business’s blog.

    Follow Voices.com on Pinterest:

    • CourVO


      Thanks for your visit and comment here. Your suggestions are spot-on. Thanks, too, for your link to Voices.com on Pinterest.

      Write soon, write often!

      Dave C

  3. Glad Faith Klassen

    Thanks Dave!
    Great information! I’ll be taking a closer look at Pinterest.

  4. Karen Commins

    Greetings, Dave! As usual, you provide timely and useful info.

    A friend was raving to me about Pinterest a few months back. She was talking about all of the creative ideas for crafts and decorating that she saw on the board.

    I looked at it then but didn’t feel pulled to join it. I don’t have kids and couldn’t care less about shoes, which puts me in a minority among women, especially as viewed through a Pinterest lens.

    I thought more about the site after reading this post. However, today I saw something that made joining Pinterest a priority for me as a voice talent and audiobook narrator:

    (drumroll…..tada!) Soundcloud is now integrated with Pinterest!

    For more info, see http://blog.soundcloud.com/2012/06/20/soundcloud-unmutes-pinterest/

    Within minutes of pinning a short story that I had posted last month on Soundcloud, I saw the number of plays increase!

    Okay, enough writing for now. I’ve got some more pinning to do! 🙂

    Karen Commins


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