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A fellow voice actor sent me a screen capture of a chat session he had with a VoiceBunny tech support guy online.

He’s agreed to let me publish it here, and I do so because I think it reveals even more of the “way things are done” at VoiceBunny.

Just click on the image to make it full-screen.










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  1. Kyle McCarley

    I checked out the link the chat representative gave him. It’s an FAQ of VoiceBunny that mostly covers the same stuff you’ve already addressed in previous blog posts. However, hidden in this FAQ was another link to the VoiceBunny “suggested pricing estimator” at http://voicebunny.com/projects/pricing. The estimator lets “buyers” enter in their script and offers a suggested price based on the script length (i.e., word count) and the average rates of all current VO profiles registered on the site.

    When I copied and pasted a script of 413 words from one of Voices.com’s job postings today (a job offering a budget of $250-500), the suggested price was $116.83. For a script with 214 words, the price was $85.73. 108 words yielded $62.15. So, if the FAQ is to be believed, and that estimator IS based on average rate quotes from the VO user-base, the site’s potential to create bottom-feeding may not exclusively be the fault of its creators, but also of the VOs registered on the site.

    I’d suggest that if anybody wants to help prevent VoiceBunny from hurting the economy of our industry, a great place to start is by registering an account and entering more realistic rates on their profiles to help raise the overall average provided by that estimator.

  2. Jodi Krangle

    I’m sorry, Dave. I can’t see how this doesn’t a) make voice talent rush to complete a job that could be rejected for reasons no one has to tell you – meaning you do a lot of work for nothing, and b) benefits no one but the owners because we don’t even get to have direct contact with the client. At least with Voices.com or Voice123, there’s a potential for that client to become a regular. Without there being any actual *contact*, I can’t see any loyalty happening over at VoiceBunny…

    Also, when you’re in direct contact with the client, they choose you and allow you to do another take or two, if the first take or two aren’t what they had in mind (I say “take or two” because I usually submit more than one take the first time around to make certain that the client usually *does* get just what they want the first time around – but you never know how picky a new client is going to be until you start working with them). In this case? You just get passed over and someone else submits. Wow.

    I’ll be giving it a miss. Just my perspective, I suppose. But I’m in this for the personal contact. Regular clients that I have a great relationship with – even if it’s only through email – is how I build my business. If there *is* none of that, that’s not a service I have any interest in being a part of.

    But thank you for your in-depth reporting, Dave!

    • Pablo Hernandez

      I definitely agree with you, Jodi. This Voice Bunny thing is anything but a body without head and toes.

      • CourVO

        Hi Pablo!

        I’m with ya on this one, my friend…none of this bodes well for advancing our profession. I enjoy being able to report on this stuff so we get the facts.

        Dave C

    • CourVO


      I have to agree with you…it looks like another formulaic, computerized, automated, and separated design by someone who’s already done much to dumb-down the business. Some people will figure out a way to make this work for them, though, and I wish them my best. I’d rather go with your tried and true style of customer relationship.

      I hope people don’t misconstrue my zeal in REPORTING all this. as support for a system that is flawed. Although I’ve stated I’m officially neutral as a reporter on this, in private — and as a voice actor — I think it stinks. But somebody really should go out and harvest the facts as best they can, and on this one, I was the self-appointed one. John Florian kinda dropped the initial news release in my lap, and I said I’d scout it out for him.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Jodi!

      Have a great weekend. I’m gonna!…it was a long week.

      Dave C

      • Jodi Krangle

        No worries, Dave. I totally understand that you’re being a journalist and reporting the facts. I just think the facts don’t make me want to touch this stinking pile with a ten foot pole, that’s all. 😉 I really appreciate your reporting! And I hope you had a wonderful weekend. 🙂

        All the best, — Jodi

  3. Mike Walton

    I registered a few days ago with the rabbit and have seen enough to know it’s not for me. Not only are the rates that are offered insulting, but I agree with Jody that contact with the client is an important part of doing business. It’s bad enough that if you accept a project you must produce the full script, fully edited and ready to go, without even knowing for sure if it will be accepted, but the kicker is that the client may never hear your submission because the rabbit may not approve it. That’s a piss poor set up. It should be up to the client to decide what is acceptable for their project. That’s just my opinion. Hopefully the bunny will crawl down the rabbit hole and disappear.

    • CourVO


      Thanks for lending your voice to the preponderance of the reaction to VB. Alice may be looking for the bunny, but not many of the rest of us will be.

      I appreciate your stopping by to comment.

      Dave Courvoisier

  4. Joe Angelino

    It’s a total time-suck, bottom feeding factory with virtually no way of sustaining income. First of all, the jobs that they post can only be gotten if you literally click them in a nanosecond; that is, they do not allow enough time for other talents to see it and submit It’s the same formula of being the first caller to a radio station and it’s a joke. They even use a “sound alert” that will go off if you’re within distance to your computer and hear it, which means a new job was posted. Again, are we Pavlovian dogs. So you basically have to be like NORAD and sitting at your computer and logged in to the site 24-7 to ever get a job. Worse yet, they actually now make you wait 30 days to get paid for a job? WTF?!

    And yes, they do not allow any client interaction and, worse yet, they arbitrarly decide what will be heard by their so-called “expert screening process”. There’s more a supply than a demand, so basically you have thousands of bottom feeders fighting to get a shitty paying (they force talent to artificially lower their rates so as to undercut the competition and cheapen the art form) gigs that, if they’re lucky enough to click within a nanosecond, may not even get paid for if the team of “experts” passes on it. It actually could be a really great thing if run properly, which isn’t the case in its present form. Call me naive, but I imagine it will improve as it continues to grow.

    • CourVO

      Thanks, Joe…

      ‘Pretty much what I figured. I don’t think Mr. Torrenegra has EVER had anything else in mind but making money.

      Dave C

  5. Mark Albertson

    Want a good laugh? Listen to this read that was approved internally by VoiceBunny’s “entourage” but, obviously, rejected by the client: http://voicebunny.com/projects/1-cpi-film

  6. Jeff

    I did a couple jobs with Voice Bunny but have long since abandoned the site. Their Quality Control algorithm is a joke. Your sample will get rejected for something like “being overly compressed” even though you used zero compression. It’s as if they’ve never heard a Sennheiser 416 before.

    Oh, and the pay is approximately minimum wage.

  7. Terry Anderson

    I’m sorry… no mincing of words here with me. Voice Bunny is a SCAM that deliberately pushes trained VO artists with standard rates to the back of the line for unskilled, untrained people who will do anything for a quick dollar. Literally.. a dollar. Because we would have to set our rates SO LOW that we will ACTUALLY get offers of “a dollar” in our email… and that is JUST in order to “beat out” all of the other bottom feeders that we have become by joining the site…. AVOID AT ALL COSTS


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