Didja really think I’d be able to resist the inevitable march of progress?

The COURVO app is now available in the iTunes store.  It’s free.

Now you can read all the great content of this blog on your iPhone/iPad.

You can also do a search for the app from your iPhone App Store icon by searching for “CourVO”. There’s apparently an app named “Courvoisier” too.  Not mine.  (the actual name of the app is CourVO’s Voice-Acting in Vegas)

The app presents all the branding and content of this blog by pulling the info from my RSS feed and displaying  it in a simple interface.

This was actually not brain surgery at all, and almost anyone can do it.  Visit AppMakr.com to see about doing your own.  There were some costs involved:  about $100 for the Apple Developer’s license, and some minimal AppMakr fees.

This was actually slated for launch a couple of weeks ago, then Apple announced iOS 5.o.  Immediately, all apps considered for review were rejected for rebuild to be compatible for the new operating system.  S’OK…the result is pretty much what I wanted.

  • From the app, you can:
    comment back to the blog article
    share the article on Twitter
    share on FaceBook
    “like” the article
    see the original blog layout in a browser window
    email the article

Some functionality of the app is still in development.  You’ll see that if you select the “camera” icon, or the RSS icon.  Pressing the ATOM icon will bring you back to the list of articles.

I hope you’re reading this blog on your iPhone.

BTW, the Android version of this is coming…likely within a week.

Let me know what you think.