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Here’s the magic of shopping around your demo or audition:

Play it to ten different people, and you’ll get 10 different opinions.

But somewhere in that mix, something will ring true, and confirm a sneaking suspicion in your own mind that he/she is right.  Or maybe there’s enough in all 10 opinions that you’ll want to start over….or realize that you’re ready to send it — just like it is.

That’s the wonder of letting ears besides yours hear your work.  They find things to which your ears are deaf.  Those extra ears — and the opinions attached to them — also help you see things you didn’t think of before.

Great, Dave…but my friends are getting REAL tired of me bothering them every time I have a new recording I want them to hear!  Where can I go to get fresh, free, educated and seasoned opinoins about my stuff?

Edge Studio’s FeedBack Forum

The folks at Edge have been refining this portion of their service for a few months, now, and it’s impressive.

Submit your demo, audition, practice recordings, or even paid jobs with a copy of the script.  The file uploads and resides on the Edge site according to any number of categories, or searchable parameters.  The script is visible.  Then, anyone can stop by, play the file, listen, and comment on what they hear.

The cool thing here, is that quite a few people are stopping by, and giving great feedback.

All the comments are threaded, and anyone can see what earlier visitors have contributed.

It’s the kind of thing you need, often when you most need it.

You can also search for any entries by the same categories, even by script genre.. Everything’s dated, names are included, and everybody’s civil.

Listening to these offerings either tends to make you feel like you’re ahead of the crowd, or you need lots of work, or anything in between.  It’s a great barometer of what’s out there, especially those who are posting the work that they got paid for…THAT’S what clients are buying!

As I said, it’s free, but does require you registering with the site.  Trading your contact info for a service like this — I think — is a pretty darn good deal.

Give it a whirl….what’ve you got to lose?





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  1. Diane Merritt

    That’s awesome Dave – Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. Bob

    Another great tidbit, Dave!

  3. Daniel Dorse

    Dave, I’ve become a huge fan of your blog–mass quantities of useful info. Gotta tell you tho’– Edges’s feedback forum is mostly a waste of time. Very few of the contributors are actual, working professionals with the skills and experience to even be in the business, let alone offer useful criticism based on objective, V/O-biz related criteria. Generally, it’ll be along the lines of “Wow! Awesome, Dude! Great voice!”, or equally useless: “This is how I would have done it.” Responses are rarely in a timely manner, which, given my earlier remark about their customary level of usefulness, doesn’t really matter much.

    • CourVO

      Hey Daniel!

      Thanks for the kind words….all the more important, then, that I pay attention to your observations of FEEDBACK FORUM.

      I confess I didn’t read every comment made on every demo, audition, etc., in the Feedback Forum….nor do I know the reputation or experience level of those who have responded to people’s posted audio. I guess I just thought the concept and design of the forum merited some “attaboys”.

      If it’s OK, I’m going to see if I can elicit a response to your analysis from the guy in charge at Edge Studio: David Goldberg. Would you mind?

      Thanks again!

      Dave C

      • Daniel Dorse

        Hi, Dave–

        No problem, tho’ I certainly won’t be surprised to find him somewhat defensive. The other extremely frequent problem with the responses to the postings (see my recent postings as examples) is that whether the responses are positive or negative, or even right or wrong, they rarely include the “why” of the responder’s opinion and lack specificity–thus removing any credibility or much usefulness from the response–even positive responses.

        Look, the many services offered by Edge Studios, whether their weekly Voiceover Script Recording contest, the Feedback Forum, the free sample scripts, etc. are not without value–some of them are in fact extremely useful–but their main purpose is to sell Edge’s products: paid coaching, paid training, paid evals, paid classes in V/O marketing, paid classes in studio-tech,etc. And more power to them! They are, after all, running a business and quite rightly attempting to generate income. But that profit motive is still something of a large grain of salt to swallow when it comes to the quality and integrity of their own critiques and the standards of their forums.

        • CourVO

          I see your point, Daniel, and it’s well-taken. Thanks for the cautions. I’m still hoping to get a response out of David.

          warm regards,

          Dave C

  4. Ken

    What a true Giant you are for opening up your mind and heart to contribute to Voice Over artists! While the vast majority of artists are “taking,” you are truly GIVING! I’ve been in Las Vegas since 1977, and I remember you being on Channel 3 news some time after that. In my opinion, that’s the sign of Greatness. I’m sure there are many people who are benefitting from your website. (Like me!) I’ve used the Edge website scripts to do my own demo! Thank you!

    • CourVO


      I’m blushing over here. Thanks for those kind words, and yes, you must truly be a Las Vegas old-timer if you remember me at CH3.

      I love sharing stuff on this blog, and believe me, it brings its own rewards,

      Let’s have a cup of coffee sometime!

      Dave C

  5. Bill


    Boy am I late to the party! Here’s my 2 cents on Edge. The feedback forum has been hi-jacked by a handful of people who critique EVERYTHING! When you look at their postings they are ALL hours of the day and night. When do these people sleep? Some of the critiques are downright nasty and discouraging.

    These people are not pros as their own recorded postings will show, but they think they are experts and this really hurts newcomers who are trying their best.

    I placed 3rd in the weekly VO contest one week and my prize was a free critique from Edge’s Michael Ingram. He was very nice, constructive and gentle with me. I appreciated the way he told me his thoughts about the spot I submitted.

    Apparently I was good enough to have Edge post my demo on the site, along with hundreds of others. I have yet to receive an audition, much less work.

    There are a million great voices out there and 999,999 never get heard or paid. I have come to the conclusion that talent is almost irrelevant. Winning an audition is tantamount to an actor winning an audition for a role. LUCK. Sure, you have to be good, but you also have to be Lucky.

    Thanks for letting me shoot off my mouth!

    • CourVO


      Thanks for visiting, and adding to the conversation.

      Would you mind if I share your comments with Edge’s founder, David Goldberg? I think he would value this feedback on a portion of his site that he values.

      great to hear from ya!

      Dave C


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