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Bring ’em on, I say!  All of us in VO-land can only benefit from more blogs.

I often recommend blogging to voice actors.  It’s not for everyone.  I had to be convinced to blog, myself.

I take no ads and make no money on this site.
I offer what I think I know.
I link my blog to and from all my other social media “outposts”.
I have made wonderful friends, connections, and built my VO business through this blog.

Now others are joining in.  I mentioned just the other day about Derek Chappell’s and Rick Lance’s newVO  blogs.  Now I’m happy to point you to a couple of others.

Billy James has often tipped-me-off to trends in gear, as we are twin sons of different tech mothers.

Now Billy has his own blog, and you should see it…freshly minted!  Billy Voice Blog.  Along with wry observations on our business, look for Billy to be on the vanguard of new gear.  Nice job, Billy!

The other new blog on the block is that of Dave Wallace.  The Blog states:  “just another site”…but my guess it will develop into a lot more than that.  Check it out:

But, Dave…why would you send all your blog visitors to other blogs?!  Because I believe in free and open sharing of information, cross-promoting, camaraderie among peers, building more links for SEO, and most importantly reaping what I sow.

Every one of these people are now my friends…mostly because of blogging.  I wish them much success in their endeavours.  I’ll be reading, and I hope you will too!





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