Time Adds Up!

by | Mar 7, 2011 | Technology, Web Resources | 4 comments

Maybe no one does this by hand anymore…but once in a while, I REALLY need to just do a quick addition of some various final times of VO files for invoicing purposes, and I don’t add so well in Base-6 (remember HS math?).

My search led me to an online site called ScottSeverance.us that has a handy online calculator right there on the screen, or you can download it for your desktop.

But even handier (if you have an iPhone — not sure if there’s an Android version) is the .99-cent app called TimeAdder. I couldn’t seem to find a ready link for this online, but just do a search from your phone for TimeAdder (no space) and you’ll fiind it.  Very simple, easy-to-use interface.

Calc-Zero is another calculator that does the time-addition thing, but it seemed to me to be a bit more complicated app.  TimeAdder does one thing and well.




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  1. Anne

    This is such a handy tool – Thanks so much for sharing Dave!

  2. Terry White

    Thanks, Dave! I have always done the addition by hand. And it is neither quick or easy. Appreciate the tip!

  3. Erik

    Pretty cool! I’ll have to download this one and try it out!


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