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Among the many offshoots of the Ted Williams phenomenon was the radio show featuring Ted talking to VO Pros Joe Cipriano and Randye Thomas.  The two top VO talents invited Ted to be part of their upcoming VoiceOver Talent Search Show (a la American Idol).

VoiceOver Talent Search Show!!!!

It took Ted Williams for this news to come out?!!  Have I been living in a cave?

I mean, I LOVE this idea for a talent search show (’bout time!), but isn’t the timing incredibly fortuitous?

Apparently it IS true, though…’cause now there’s a FaceBook page  for the show called: BEHIND THE MIC. Meaning, the show is callled ‘Behind the Mic’, and so is the FaceBook page.  It’s just bare-b0nes page right now, but apparently Erik Sheppard, Wally Wingert, Marc Cashman, and Sarah Natochenny are involved (judges?).

I encourage you to go to the Behind The Mic FaceBook page and “friend” it.  This show deserves our support.  In a business that’s suffered an incredible erosion of understanding and rate degredation…this will definitely be a good thing.




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  1. Dan Nims

    Considering the various ‘reality shows’ to find the best dancers, the best singers, ect, this new program may well ‘connect’ with audiences everywhere. Some who do voice work would like to step in front of the cameras and be known. Others prefer to remain ‘behind the scenes’ where no one knows what they look like.

    Will the show boost the careers of a few Voice Actor hopefuls? Probably. Will it make it easier for the thousands of talented and focused individuals to ‘get their foot in the door’ of the VO business? Probably not.

    What we can hope for is greater public respect for the art of oral interpretation.

  2. CourVO

    Thanks Dan, for commenting…

    I have high hopes for ANY show about VO. It’ll be an uphill battle to network prime-time, though. Luckily the Ted Williams phenomena is plus. No matter what you think of him, he’s plunged voice overs into the limelight for the time being.


  3. Tim McLaughlin

    Dave, I have to respectfully disagree with you that this show or the Cipriano/Thomas show will be a good thing for VO people. The way I see it, these shows will only serve to give more people the idea that anyone can be a voice talent. I hope I’m wrong.

    • CourVO

      Yeah, Tim…you may be right about that…’guess time will tell.

      Thanks for commenting.



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