“Faux-dition” Edition 3

by | Jan 11, 2011 | Fun Stuff

In what has become an annual VO tradition, voice actor Peter O’Connell outdid himself with this year’s “Faux-dition”.

While previous year’s competitions were quite professional, amusing, and competitive…THIS year’s winner will actually come away with some tangible wins.

As always, Peter makes it easy to participate in this year’s unofficial casting call for the TV staple: “The Price is Right”.  When you visit Peter O’Connell’s blog at audioconnell.com, you’ll find all the explanations, the script, the music, and plenty of background on this year’s opening round.

Be sure to read down to the part listing the substantial prize package…including a free ticket to FaffCon2, Electric Boogaloo.

This won’t take long, and I understand the early entries are all puff-balls!  🙂  So, you’re probably in like Flint (or is it Flynn?)

I’d write more, but it’s all on Peter’s Blog…and besides…I gotta get going, so I can get in my entry!




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