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by | Dec 6, 2010 | VO Community | 2 comments

How many times have you been approached by a VO hopeful whose opening line predictably goes something like this:  “…Hi, I’m _______, and everybody says I have a great voice, and I should be doing voiceovers.  Can you help…?”

Often, a conversation on the phone reveals that, in fact, the VO  wannabe has a very deep, rich voice.  Of course we all know it takes more…a lot more than that to get ahead in VO…but what about the guy who wants to get into VO, but DOESN’T have a BIG voice?

Now there’s hope!

That’s right…with just a few simple exercises, you too can have a DEEP VOICE.  See the Deep Voice Mastery website, and get going!

More about the Deep Voice Mastery offer at the Wealth Advisor Blog, and this Blog devised just to spread the word about the technique of getting a deeper voice.

Be sure to order by the deadline to get your free set of Ginsu Knives!




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  1. Brett

    I often hear a lot of podcasters talking about this topic. I have no idea about the products one way or another, and maybe it just caught me at a funny time of day, but I laughed out loud when I read the review from James Rolson. James wasn’t looking to work as a voice over artist himself, he had another possibly more imperative necessity to speak with a deeper voice. I’m not knocking that nor his choice, but his recommendation of the product did seem a little out of place in the context of VO. 😉

  2. Tim McLaughlin

    He keeps mentioning a “timber voice” so apparently there’s wood involved in this process.

    And it appears that this is a way to girls too! Reminds me of the old Charles Atlas ads in the comic books.

    Thanks for the laugh, Dave.


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