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Not that long ago, I posted a blog listing scores of Royalty-Free Music sites.  The response was hearty.

The other day, I had need of a “busy street scene crowd background sound”, and went searching.


And it occurred to me a similar list of sites may be helpful for those needing a )))THWACK(((   or a  —– HONK —-  of the sound of a Mosquito in your ear.

Below, then, an incomplete but irreplaceable list of some of the top royalty-free sound effects sites out there.  I’m not sayin’ they’re free (although some are) …but they do seem to get a lot of traffic.

Please…send me the names and a link of YOUR favorite sound-effects site that I missed, and I’ll add it to the list.   ——CourVO

  1. Partners in Rhyme
  2. Hollywood Edge
  3. Sound Ideas
  4. SFX Source
  5. A1 Free Sound Effects
  6. Film Sound.org
  7. Sound Effects Shop
  8. Sound Dogs
  9. Sound Snap
  10. Sound Effects Library
  11. Audio Network
  12. Production Trax
  13. 1SoundFX
  14. SoundFX
  15. Movie Sound Clips
  16. Sound Effects
  17. Soungle
  18. Royalty Free Sound Effects
  19. ProSound Effects
  20. Sonomic
  21. CuePop
  22. NeoSounds
  23. EarthStation1
  24. StoneWashed
  25. Digital Juice
  26. ShockWave-Sound
  27. Renaissance SFX
  28. Royalty Free Heaven
  29. BlastWave FX
  30. FreeLibraryMusic
  31. AudioMicro
  32. LoopSound
  33. Bohemian Passport
  34. SonyCreative
  35. AllMusicLibrary
  36. Music Bakery
  37. FreeSound



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  1. Bettye Zoller

    Dave u have done it again my friend. I’m sharing this with zillions of folks today. Fab list. Thanks.
    Bettye Zoller

  2. ronald fraks

    Dave excellent list, since I stopped buying cd’s six years ago I always end up at Sounddogs they have the best selection.

  3. Mackenzie

    Great list! Thanks for sharing these!

  4. Melissa Landon


    I have a sound effects blog, and I have a class assignment for college to write an article for it about how the production and distribution of sound effects has changed over the years. If someone could just send me the answers to a few short questions, I would really appreciate it. The project is due on Monday, so the sooner the better.

    1. Tell me a bit about yourself and your blog/company.

    2. How have you seen sound effects production/creation change over the past few years, and what do you think about it?

    3. How has the distribution of sound effects changed over the years, and what do you think about it?

    Thank you much! I appreciate your response.

    Melissa Landon

    • Richard "DarkspARCS" Nelson

      Hi Melissa…

      I could help you, as I’ve independantly produced effects for games for over 12 years now… however, with regards question 3:

      “3. How has the distribution of sound effects changed over the years, and what do you think about it?”

      I’d probably have to advise you about my lil vietnam veteran’s syndrome complex attack that will accompany my input, as I give you the scoop on the history, and then go into what I think about it…

      I’m sure there are other artists out there who will tell you the same thing, so expect to visit a padded cell if you do get someone to help out… lol j/k…. really, I am…. don’t look at me like that!

      I need a PRO badly, it seems….


    It might be too late, but you can get a MUCH more authoritative answer by calling or emailing MARTY EVANS at SOUND IDEAS – the world’s largest sfx company.

    [email protected]

    you didn’t hear it from me . . . !


    Tito Gray

  6. Richard "DarkspARCS" Nelson

    Greetings CourVO! (I’m like – whoa! Dave from Channel 8 at VO artist? I stand educated).

    Great site btw, just discovered it, so I got alot of homework to do. However, I felt compelled (I guess because I’m a fellow Vegan???) To introduce you to the service I utilize to source my sfx and soundtracks (and soon to debut original VoFX section), perhaps in the interest of generating more of an audience than telling everyone here about the great support it’s proven to be over the last year.

    Audiosparx has allowed me to expand as an independant artist beyond my interactive application nitch out into the world of media, cinema, and television… including ringtones, (which I sell roughly 1200 of every quarter). The staff have been there all the way, and I’d appreciate it if you’d give them a plug in into your list of great SFX sites to check out.

    OH!!… BIG p.s. here – PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE respond with this…

    On my site I uploaded a soundtrack loaded with transformer sfx dedicated to the “Legacy of Cybertron” (track title) as a Transformers sound alike… (10:52 play time) I am extremely interested in getting Cullen’s attention on it with his feedback on what he thinks of it… Can you contact him and introduce him to the track – and my email address?

    I’d like to get your input as well, since somehow I’m starting to think you and I may be interacting more frequently in the near future — just a thought. 🙂

    links to email and website in the post…

    Transformers™ Sound Alikes: Cybertron’s Legacy


    **NOTE: This IS NOT an advertisement, but a genuine request from an artist to an artist, so in the interest of keeping this sincere I forbid anyone else except Dave and Cullen to visit my site. Be warned, energon detectors are in place, we’ll have you shortly, if you do….

    Let’s Roll!

    • CourVO


      Welcome to the blog! Yup, I’ve been at the voice-over thing for many years, and the blog is an outgrowth of that. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

      Who’s Cullen? I have no idea who that is. I would love to do more gaming voices, but I DO NOT play games, nor am I familiar with the games that are out there.

      I’m impressed with your site, though, and would love to talk more. Gimme a call sometime on my cell 702-610-6288.

      Thanks again for visiting!

      Dave Courvoisier

      • Richard "DarkspARCS" Nelson

        lol, and I can tell where your interests lie with the faster than light reply! I’m really impressed with your community leadership Dave, my accidentally discovering your blog while performing a web search to locate a peer to peer contact for Peter Cullen has my mind reeling with all the support functions you’ve wired into this blog for the VO community, something I haven’t delved too deeply into since I’m more a sound effects generator.

        My experience with many of the independant gaming studios start ups as well as those already established in the gaming industry has never seen any of them produce a blog so informative and directional as yours, and your attentiveness to it is awesome!

        Anyway, Peter Cullen is the Voice Over Actor who IS Optimus Prime, for the original, as well as latest Transformers ventures. He also performed the voices for Autobots Ironhide and Slugslinger in the original Transformers series, a cartoon series many of us scifi minded kids grew up with.

        The effects soundtrack I loaded to Audiosparx two days ago had Mr. Cullen’s character Optimus Prime in mind, which said soundtrack was created to highlight the Autobot homeworld Cybertron’s deep meaning for the entire displaced race of autonomous robotic organisms, whether autobot or decepticon, within the Transformer Universe genre.

        I even entertained the idea of using one of Perter’s voice overs for the track, with him speaking in English instead of the electronic language the other transformers within the track’s effects are speaking, but decided against it to allow the track a wider range of purchase options for those interested in it’s style and storyline for other projects outside of the Transformer genre.

        However, as I progressed in the track’s developement my curiosity on what Mr. Cullen would think of the finished product continued to peak, so much so that after I uploaded it I then began running a search for Mr. Cullen’s contact info (outside of his agent that is)… lol, which is how I accessed your blog via the sound guy’s link for this site.

        It’s evident that Mr. Cullen is a resident of Quebec, whilst his agent resides on Forest Lawn Dr. in Studio City, CA. Not interested in talking to his agent, as that always get filed in the circular file cabinet. I thought perhaps you knew the PRO representing him, or that you probably had better social networking establishment – (lol, doh… that’s a given >^.^< ) and would have success in actually getting his attention directed towards my request… perhaps even had him in your guild (as an indie gaming groupie, lol, I probably wouldn't even get to the top step before the door).

        So that's that shelled nut… on alternative, and probably even more nuttier topics (my favorite topic, nuttiness lol) I got your cell – WOW, thanks for the invite. After I get my recent effects catalogue configured on Audiosparx I'll give you a call and set up in chat with you, when you've got the time that is lol.. I understand that as an active and well known member in the VO Community, coupled with your enthusiasm in being where you want in life keeps you amped and pre occupied at times, esp. when you're heavy into a project you've successfully pursued and are a part of…

        I've got alot of questions pertaining to the professional aspect involving guild, PRO, and professional memberships I hope you can put together for me to get a more clearer idea about how I can achieve those goals. Educational aspects always giving you the inside on method and practice, that's another area I'm considering

        True, I've been involved, and have taught myself nifty shortcuts and other practical methods of VO Acting through online research, and paying attention to the tutorials the establishment pumps out on latest technique, etc.

        Obviously, I've got alot to say lol… I look forward to meeting you!!


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