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Have I mentioned I’m a prodigious list-maker?

I am….my shrink has yet to explain the significance.

With Google around, it may seem a moot point, but then again, Google only provides search results, and the list I have here today is sifted, winnowed, filtered and somewhat vetted.

Voice-Actors are always looking for royalty-free, stock music, music beds, sound effects, looped tracks, and public domain music (must be 1922 or older, BTW).

HERE‘s a great site that explains public domain, copywriting, and music copying principles. Reading below, you’ll see a list that I’ve compiled from — first — my trusted friends at the VO-BB (Voice Over Bulletin Board), and secondly from a Google search using the terms “royalty-free”, “music-beds”, “public domain”, and “stock music”.

I can tell you that I visited each site, and found them all to be exactly what they claim to be.  Not all sites are made the same, but you’ll see a lot of similarities among them:  free download samples, graduated pricing structures, an occasional calendar special, packaged specials, and a spectrum of music genres.

Digging into some of the sites will yield sections that offer looped tracks, special effects, stingers, and sound effects. I’d recommend checking out the first ten-or-so on the list before going deeper…but they’re all genuine.


(Author’s note:  the following two added 5-20-10 from suggestions of the ones I missed – also see next blog article)

(another added 6-13-10)

(another added 6-25-10)

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(another added 3-15-11)
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UniqueTracks Production Music Library

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