Who That?

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words There is almost no one anymore that would properly use the word “who” in this sentence in place of “that” (after the word “anymore”)…so why even try? 

I see this happen.  Popular usage – by sheer force of number – trumps the English books and the grammar police.

Our language is a living, ever-changing thing that (correct use of “that”) consantly mutates to the will of the masses. 

Mark my words…in the not-to-distant future “U” will replace “you” in common usage, and maybe even “R”, instead of “are”.  Yup…texting.

BTW (see?)…the most efficient way to write the first sentence in this article is:

“Almost no one anymore would properly use the word “who” in this…..”   making use of “who” or “that” a moot point.  Not a mute point.

I’m not going to yield on that one… not yet.

And don’t even get me started about use of “less” instead of “fewer”.




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  1. Dan Nims

    Interesting observation! I for one am opposed to the blantent disregard of English when people post messages, send e-mail, or text. Here we are, a civilized people with a common language from one coast to the other (can’t say that about Europe or Asia) and we are in the process of ‘dumbing down’ our native tongue.

    I don’t mind giving some slack for regional slang and also recognizing the difference between ‘formal’ and ‘informal’ English. But can we just go back to writing clear and concise sentences?

    Ok, that’s my rant. The best to you Dave!

  2. Dan Nims

    Oh…I almost forgot. It’s not “Who that” it is “who dat?”


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