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A friend of mine can’t believe how much Voice Actors share within their tight community. 

He has an immensely successful podcasting, and now video-podcasting business…so he gets it…but he’s always telling me how he’s blown away by the open exchange of support and enabling of each other’s careers online.

He tells me I’m almost painfully transparent in this blog.  Of late, I’ve been somewhat scarce in that (life, kidneystones, teen-age girl drama, and anchoring five TV newscasts a day tends to be distracting), but I always come around.
Some people might think it’s kinda nutty to be referring to what I consider to be a superior VO blog in MY blog…but I gotta give credit where it’s due, and’s blog is top-notch.

For instance, the June 11th entry is about the right and wrong way to submit a VO resume.  (OK, so maybe not Earth-shattering, but well-done) Before that: “Creating Community in the Voice Over World”.

According to their own PR: “…Voicebank’s voice-over audition system is the most widely casting software on the Web. It is the primary casting and project management tool used by more than 1600 top Ad Agencies, Animation Houses & TV/Film Studios, Independent Producers, Production Facilities and Casting Directors (voice over & theatrical) around the World.”

It’s pretty much true.

Tracy Pattin seems to be everywhere.  She has a clean writing style, and her topics are engaging.

Put’s Blog in your RSS reader, and try to visit often.  You won’t regret it.





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