by | May 11, 2009 | Software

Multitrack My thanks to friend and mentor Frank Frederick (The Voice) for this tip.

He mentioned "MULTITRACK Studio" as a fully-functional , inexpensive, sound editor worthy of consideration for voice actors.

I decided to take the plunge and purchase the lower cost version: MultiTrack Studio Professional for $69 USD. Hey, I'd overpayed my AMEXCO card recently, and couldn't stand the thought of them making money off my misstep.

At any rate, it's just installed, so I don't have much of an evaluation for you, but it installed pretty doggone effortlessly on my Vista machine…and BTW, it installs on any MS OS all the way down to Windows 95.

Here's what their site says about it's mixing capabilities:  "MultitrackStudio has a powerful mixer structure including an unlimited
number of Effect Return and Group sections, numerous built-in quality
effects and VST and DX plugin support. The Pro Plus edition features
powerful sidechain routing options.

I'm such a sucker for new geek-toys.  Check back here soon for a better evaluation…or better yet, call Frank.  I'm sure he could tell you 10 ways it's better than Pro-Tools ;-}




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