Note to self…

by | Feb 8, 2009 | Op/Ed

….the IPhone cam has limitations…like taking pics against open windows with light streaming in (a la the photo below).

LONG looooooong day in LA.  But…wow, I met some incredibly talented people, and have gathered enough material for an inaugural post to my blog:  NEWMEDIAMINUTES.  It'll be a few days before it's done.  Written content, podcast, pics, and video.  Can't wait!Visalus

I'll not bore you with the details, here, but I will tell you of a "spineful" moment (see VO-BB).

'Interviewing a multi-millionaire Director of Marketing for a highly successful entrepreneurial firm today, and when we got up from the table, I gave him my voiceacting business card, and told him that aside from being a working broadcast journalist, I was also a freelance voice-actor entrepreneur.  He took the card, smiled at me, and as he was tucking it away in his shirt-pocket told me directly:  "Well, we DO need voice-actors for our many products, and I can see you have "that" voice.  I'll be calling you." 





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