Brain Speedbumps

by | Oct 2, 2008 | Op/Ed

Oh, we've all been there.

Some call it procrastination.

Some call it denial.

I call it a mental roadblock.

For some reason, a task is just not getting done.  You WANT it to be done.  You set goals, schedule it, prioritize it, and give yourself ultimatums…. but there it sits…mocking and defying your best efforts.

I'm there.  I'm trying to get an e-mail VO newsletter out.  It's half-done.  The mailing list is "in development" (uh-huh).

I'm stuck, and I don't know why.

Oh, I have my theories. But they're more like rationalizations…weak justifications.

My guess is you have these impassable (or impossible) brain chasms too…and I wish I had some clinical, practical, or worldly experience to impart.  But since I'm a victim also, all I can do is offer a referral to a couple of fine articles from people who seem to know what they're saying. 

Maybe you can find some wisdom there.

BiznikThe first is a writer from BizNik
I'm a new member of this group.  I love their slogan: "BUSINESS NETWORKING THAT DOESN'T SUCK"

(I've got a mental block about completing my profile on THIS site, too, but, ahem, back to my point)

This article, written by Kaya Singer, seems to be everywhere on the internet, so by virtue of the sheer force of web opinion, I'll point you to it….HERE.

The other is from  CopyBlogger .

I like this site too.  Their slogan is: "COPYWRITING TIPS FOR ONLINE MARKETING SUCCESS" (doncha love people who have clear misson statements?….'jealous of that).

Their link to "Do You Recognize These 10 Mental Blocks to Creative Thinking?" just may get you goin'.
Click HERE.

OK, 'gotta go now, and rest my brain.




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