A Little Perspective, Please

by | Feb 20, 2008 | Op/Ed

The TV news business can grind you down…incrementally.  You don’t even think about it until you realize you’ve got these huge emotional callouses.  Do they have Dr. Scholl’s corn-pads for that? 

I think not.

Friday, leaving school, a 15-yr-old boy was shot to death in a drive-by.  It was in a "nice" neighborhood, too — things like that aren’t supposed to happen THERE. 

In our afternoon news planning meeting, the issue came up of other shootings and drive-bys in recent months, and we sat around the table trying to remind each other of which shooting THAT was?  You remember: the one where             (fill in the blank with pertinent details)             .

In fairness, it does seem to all blend together day after day… until you see the parents of the SHOOTER in court with their 16-yr-old who will be tried as an adult for murder. 

One kid was shot that day, but two sons were lost.

It all hit me when I realized I was pouting over some software glitches in my DAW at home.  I was actually gloomy and muttering about the "hassle" of it all.

Then my wife came home with a heartfelt story of some threatened personal relationships at church.  Feelings hurt, things said, and misunderstandings made.

Somehow, whether or not my Pro-Tools software was working right just seemed pathetically inconsequential alla sudden.

Time to file down those callouses.




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